1) Utility U. Vs Utopia U.


  • Summary: The article talks about colleges and universities and how they can be categorized in two sections Utility U. which defines studying and learning technical skill, and Utopia U. which is the exploration of each individual and their characteristics. 
  • Communication Problem: It should be communicated the difference between each concept and how do they relate to the students.
  • Image Ideas: Utility U. can be a student in the library doing homework surrounded by piles of books, and Utopia U can be a student reading a big colorful board that has many typaces and colors and shapes.


1 thought on “1) Utility U. Vs Utopia U.

  1. rmichals

    Your image ideas were good but you didn’t follow through with them. The one with Leona does not look like Utility. It looks kind of silly or like you are making fun of the concept. the other image of you looks like you are comfortable but still is far from utopia. the traffic cone and the car behind are distracting.

    Please complete the results in the future.


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