Topic 4: Headphones

  1. The headphones I will be using are JVC gummy headphones. JVC offers professional electronics products.  JVC is a leading developer of sophisticated audio and video products. JVC uses superior technologies to deliver high quality sound and images. For this project my target audience will be young adults. The public service campaign for hearing loss, “Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow. Turn down your music before you can’t hear it anymore,” is trying to aware people of the use of headphones and loud sounds. It is trying to tell you to reduce the volume of your headphones and never listen to the maximum volume, this is what a lot of young adults do. Young adults try to drown out external noise by using music and headphones not really considering the outcome later on in life. This campaign is just trying to spread awareness on it.
  2.  Headphone ad: Try to be in a good/happy mood. Zoned out by the music, “in the zone.” for Hearing Loss ad: In a much more serious mood, with no smile.
  3. Headphone ad: Lighting will be bright and clear, happy expression, casual wardrobe (listening to music on the train.) Hearing Loss ad: black and white or dark photo (use of shadows). depressing, straight face.

Results Headphone JVS: I feel like this image was successful. It showed a sense of unity and happiness which was what i was aiming for originally.

Results Hearing Loss: I also think the image was successful for this one. I feel like the sense of motion worked well with this ad. It was dark and unhappy which was what I wanted for this shoot.

1 thought on “Topic 4: Headphones

  1. rmichals

    Your final headphones ad certainly does convey the idea of being in zone. the idea of having three people together but each in their own worlds works well. The overhead angle is visually fresh. I would make the background pure white so that the space becomes more of a fantasy and less about three people laying on the ground.

    I like the multiple images in the psa suggesting motion or time passing. I wish each one was clearer and more distinct. This suggests another idea which is to use multiple exposures to show someone taking off their headphones-preventing future hearing loss.


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