Topic Three: Health Care for All

Summary: Firstly, the companies I viewed were Anthem, United Health Group, and Aetna. After scrolling through several health care company sites, I began to notice a striking similarity between them. All of the company websites contained extremely positive photographs. This includes people smiling, looking up towards the sun, and doing energetic activities. In addition, adults were often seen playing with their children. In terms of lighting, almost all photographs seemed to be very bright. This creates an enlightened feeling in my opinion.

Communication Problem: In terms of promoting Health Care for All, I believe the image must express a feeling of self-worth. The image should show an individual doing what they like to do, whether it be hiking, reading a book, painting, or even laughing.

Image Ideas: I’d like to capture an image of an individual happily reading a book. But my image idea will vary depending on props that can be used.

Results: My initial plan was to have a partner happily reading a book. This would radiate a feeling of joy, relaxation, and comfort. Nonetheless, it may look too much like a promotional advertisement for a local library more than a HealthCare ad. So in that case, I chose to use an image of my three partners. Considering they’re of various races, I thought this would describe “healthcare for all” perfectly.

1 thought on “Topic Three: Health Care for All

  1. rmichals

    It is interesting when you start to look at certain kinds of ads and realize how restricted the range is by convention for each one. I think healthcare ads in particular alternate between trying to be reassuring-showing healthy active people and triggering anxieties primarily by showing people with their kids. When you have kids, you don’t want to take any risks with their health of your own.

    Reading a book would be against the usual agenda of these ads to show healthy active people.

    I like the three people in your ad as a demonstration of “Health Care for All.” Their poses are awkward however. The extreme horizontal shape is tough to work with.


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