Topic 3: Health Care For All

After looking at various health care websites such as Fidelis Care and Aetna to name a few, I realized the Portrait photograph style was used. Images that is family related were used to showcase health care. Portraits of father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife all with smiling faces, vibrant with life, happiness and contentment reflected on their face. Another aspect of the photographs used is the lighting factor that was used from different angles to achieve the desire effect to communicate a specific message that one should join that health group. The faces and body of the subjects were flood with light that allowed them to stand out. Allowing the on looker to really pay close attention to the image.

Communication Problem: Every image sends a message, thus I believe the image that is used to promote the Health Care For All company is one that shows vibrant, active life, happiness, contentment, and a brilliant smile.

Image Ideas: Portrait of a healthy, smiling, and overall happy person that reflects a life that is pleasant and enjoyable. Props can be used. I may or may not.

Results: I’m happy with the images. And I believe that my group was able to communicate the intended message. We played with various lighting technique such as Rembrant and Butterfly and was able to generate the effect needed to capture lots of amazing portraits.

1 thought on “Topic 3: Health Care For All

  1. rmichals

    The image on the front of the Fidelis Care website is a great example of a health care ad. As you say all the images are of family members. Here we have a father and son. they seem to be buying fruits and vegetables-healthy food- and the boy is wearing a cast. Both father and son are lit with diffused light-no shadows on their faces and both are smiling.

    You did achieve the light bright lighting style of these ads. I would however simplify your ad a bit. If you have a picture of Clyde smiling and looking at the baseball, use that single photo. if you have to maybe move the ball into the frame so that you can crop a bit more tightly.


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