what’s the point..?

The narrator draws us in with an experience he had in his first class where he gave a lecture to his class and the students where more concerned if the stories were true instead of why it had to be learned. This leadsĀ the article up to his main idea, “What’s the point of college?” His article discusses two points of views on the point of college. The first is the “Utility” aspect where the students invest money to a college in exchange for practical knowledge to be able to bring their GPA up, have useful skills in their field and the ability to use them in the competitive world that lies ahead. The second point of view is the “Utopia”Ā vision. This vision shows college as more of a transition from childhood to adulthood, where students begin to socialize, network and gain knowledge of how to interact with the world on their own as well as find their likes and dislikes before choosing a definite career path. In the end he explains how both the Utopia and Utility aspects of college run hand in hand, one doesn’t go without the other. The problem would be how to display both concepts into a single picture. Some picture ideas would be to include both views using groups of students and teachers. Have themĀ socialize and laughing or smiling to show they enjoy college, as well asĀ equipment being used to show skills being taught or learned.

Results: Even though Karim and I discussed ideas, taking pictures that showed our ideas what quite difficult. We toured the Voheers building and came up with interesting pictures that were different from our initial concepts.. Still it was an enjoyable experience to see our school through different eyes and a different mindset.

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