The goal of the Final Project is to create a series of 10 related images on a theme.

You may choose to do either:

A series of portraits or self-Portraits OR

A still life series

OR working outside during the day a series on Mirrors (reflections) and Windows.

First decide which assignment(s) you most enjoyed. Then consider: do you have people to work with? Do you feel most comfortable working at home given cornona virus? Do you prefer to take photos outside?

Inspiration for Self-portraits:

Joel Meyerowitz did a self-portrait a day during last spring’s lockdown. Note how many use window light!

The New York Times ran a story on photographers working in quarantine. See some of the Joel Meyerowitz photos there.

Inspiration for Still Life:

A maximal approach – Lucia Fainzilber The Cookbook

Inspiration for Mirrors and Windows:

Deliverables and dates:

Due Week 13, December 1: Shoot 1 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

Due Week 14, December 8: Shoot 2 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

Due Week 15, December 15: Shoot 3 -minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr PLUS

  • final 10 images selected, adjusted in Lightroom, and posted to an album on Flickr
  • a presentation to the class of the final images.

Example Projects:

Jennifer Humala – Portraits

Daniah Saifan – Photography and illustration

1. wake up

Razan Ikhais – still life

Final project part#part2 week 13