Physical Barriers: Something that prevents movement form one place to another. Anything , either natural (trees, hedges) or manmade (fences, police tape, gates, walls ), that keeps you from passing through.

Working outside during the day:

Actual Barriers

  1. Find examples of 4 different barriers. 

For each barrier shoot  following:    

  1. Perspective shot of barrier-use the converging lines of the barrier as it moves away from you to create a strong sense of space in your photograph.
  2. Using shallow depth of field technique from class, move in close and focus on subject and the background is out of focus
  3. Using shallow depth of field technique, take the same photo but focus on background and the barrier should be out of focus.

 Total of 12 images for part 1

Visual Barriers

  1. Frame within a frame: Shapes and forms that occupy large areas of the frame that are not the main subject. 

Use the frame to isolate a shape or form in the composition.

  1. Use rule of thirds and shallow depth of field and focus on shape
  2. Use rule of thirds and shallow depth of field and focus on background

Do this for 5 different shapes or forms

Total of 10 images for Part 2

Upload to flickr in an album labeled  Barriers DoF. There should be 22 images in this album. Send your best 5 images selecting from Parts 1 & 2 to the group.

Due: November 10, 8 am