Needed for this class

  • a camera or cameraphone
  • a small object and background
  • a group of similar tiny objects and background


Juxtaposition, angle of view

From America at Hunger’s Edge, The New York Times, September 2, 2020

Photos by Brenda Ann Kenneally


These compositional principals help you create a visual hierarchy in your photographs.

Diagonals – Sloping lines

Leading Lines – lines in the photograph that lead the eye to the main subject

Patterns – repeated elements. Break the pattern for visual interest

Symmetry – If you fold the image in half the two haves are very similar and have equal visual weight. Or make it asymmetrical to add tension to the composition.

Figure to Ground -the relationship between the subject and the background sometimes described as negative and positive space.


Lab Exercises

Negative Space

Breaking the Pattern

Homework Assignment

HW3: Hula Hoops