Working outside during the day in good light, photograph a pair of shoes. Pick your shoes carefully. A wornout pair of flipflops with tell a very different story then brand new Jordans. Create a good example of each compositional idea on the shot list. Keep the frame clean so that the shoes are always your main subject. Think about the relationship of the two shoes if both are in the frame. Both shoes do NOT have to appear in every example.

Shot List


  1. Long shot
  2. Medium shot
  3. Close-up
  4. Extreme Close-up-(so close it looks abstract)
  5. Subject in the foreground
  6. Subject in the middleground
  7. Subject in the background
  8. Frame within a Frame – use a literal frame-a picture frame, a window
  9. Frame within a frame- use other elements in the frame to surround and bring attention to the shoe

Angle of View

  1. Worm’s-eye view
  2. Low-angle
  3. eye-level
  4. high angle
  5. Bird’s-eye view or aerial view
  6. Oblique angle


  1. Rule of Thirds-subject in upper left quadrant
  2. Rule of Thirds-subject in upper right quadrant
  3. Rule of Thirds-subject in lower right quadrant
  4. Rule of Thirds-subject in lower left quadrant
  5. Symmetrical
  6. Asymmetrical

How to hand in this assignment: Upload your final 21 images to an album on Flickr, titled Framing. Send your 5 best images to the class group.

Due: September 15th at 8am.