Juxtaposition is putting two things together in one fame. Usually these are opposites: old and young, new and used, perfect and imperfect, manmade and natural, poverty and affluence. Look around at what you have available to you to work with and select two small objects that represent opposites.

I selected a flower and a dead flower from my windowsill.

Clear yourself a few feet of empty space so that only the main subjects are seen in each photo, working either in front of a window or with a desk lamp.

Here is what my work space looks like.

Experiment with your composition. Fill the frame. At least one of your two objects should be at least partially cropped. Take a minimum of 10 pictures, trying different approaches for each frame. Post your first shot and your last shot in a gallery block. Explain your process. What did you do to improve your shot and make it more interesting? Category: Lab: Week 2 – Juxtaposition

Don’t forget to reduce the size of your image files before uploading to OpenLab.