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Type Challenge – Design Sprints


Type Challenges are design assignments and discussions

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will reinforce the typographic principles of the course through observation and critiques  of current
  • Challenges are paired with projects and course assignments thought the semester. They are structured to be completed in class within specific time and design guidelines.


Weekly design exercises to support development of  projects being created.You will upload a jpg of your work.

  • In order to experiment with typography in a quick, immediate way,create two studies in a “design sprint”
  • Bonus see how may you can do in allotted time.
  • Text to Use: “Design is a solution to a problem; art is a question to a problem.” —John Maeda
  • Explore scale, repetition, and rotation within the composition, do not stretch, or distort the original forms. Black and cyan
    Use InDesign
    Create two 3.5×3.5 pages compositions  two color: black and cyan, use Helvetica
  • Save your work as:
    • Create a new post named “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_DS
    • Give it category “Type Challenge – Typeface Design Sprints” Save your work as single jpg with four studies named: “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_DS.jpg”.
  • Insert jpg INTO your post.
  • Comment on at least one other students work.  Try to give your assessment in terms of what is working or not clear. “loving or “liking” or “being blown away” by work is OK but not helpful. What and why the work is successful and what is not working is key in refining and improving work.

Due Date(s)

  • Specified time 10:30AM


  • Add assignment resources or readings