InDesign Master Pages

InDesign Master pages

Step 1: open your Type book page
Save as    “lastname first name _master”
 We will work to create a master pages in InDesign

InDesign Master pages guide

Short Cut keys InDesign

2. Add a footer to bottom  left  of your page from last week

text First name last name Type book

3. we will add a folio ( page number) in text box bottom right

Create new text box box

top menu.type>Insert Special Character>Marker> Current Page Number

This will automatically add page number to any document

4. select your page icon in pages window, drag it up to master page window

This creates a new master page.

Try it out drag it back  down in pages to see what happens

Create New Master pages

1: Double Click On The Master Page To Activate It.
Now that you’ve selected your master pages, you can adjust and create grid  vertical columns by going to your menu and selecting (Layout > Margins and Columns).

2  Now that you have your vertical columns set, it’s time to create your horizontal modules for your grid.
Add horizontal guides to create a modular grid by going back to menu select (Layout > Create Guides).

3  Insert new pages into your document with your new master pages. Select master page icons for pages menu and drag them in pages layout window

4 Export you document as a PDF select the
“Visible Guides and Grids” option to show your grid in PDF name it “lastname first name _grid _master .pdf

Upload to Openlab  media library

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