11 thoughts on “Type Talk – History of Type

  1. Kayla Williams

    The fact I found most interesting was how people really figured out how to go from printing on paper to digitally putting together the web and typing things out. It’s no shock as the years go by that technology will continue to grow and become more advanced, so it’s amazing to see how typography has changed from one era to another. Who knows what will be next in the coming years!

  2. Jasmine Domena

    I found it interesting how a new font had to be made specifically for screens when it became popular to read off a computer screen rather than a physical piece of paper. It amazes me to hear how typographers were able to adapt to the change and continue their craft even if it wasn’t with physical ink and paper. I would have thought that at first, the shift to digital would kill the profession of typography but they manage to still thrive and adapt to the new changes. However, it still makes me sad that reading a physical book is rare in today times because personally I prefer a physical book over a tablet.

  3. Hailey Jiang

    What I found fascinating was how people in different periods figure their ways to communicate through either pictograph or words. And, how they tried to improve typeface to make them more legible like Morden typefaces and also fun like Calligraphy.
    Also, it is amazing to see how type changed through time and technology. As technology grows, people invented more convenient methods to improve printing and digital presentation. And, how things go back and forth, from pictograph to typeface to pictograph again.

  4. Jesus

    I found really interesting how flipping pages was invented. They found it easier folding the papyrus and turning them instead of rolling the papyrus and then using covers to protect their writing, making books what they are now.

  5. Andrew Barshtein

    It was fascinating to see how fonts for printing had to evolve over time to suit specific needs, from books to advertising to newspapers to computers. I like how over time, typography turned from drawings and pictograms into simplified letters, which makes sense when it became much more about being able to also write as opposed to just read, so it was more efficient. It’s always entertaining to see how technology/technique progresses to make things more efficient and easy.

  6. Tommy H. De La Cruz

    The fact I found most interesting was how the world advancing technologically would literally have been impossible without typography. If it wasn’t for those typographer’s innovations all those years ago world wide necessities like communication, education, and accessible knowledge to all would not be a reality today. The person presenting the video mentions typographers needed to make it so advertisement was easy to do. This is, where I feel like, typography really strived and the world started to see how important typography is for society.

  7. Deasia.G

    i found most interesting how fast technology really changes.its amazing to see how a few centuries ago we were writing on wax tablets compared to now where we have technology.i also found it interesting how technolgly caused the development of a new type just for screens
    i really like the stop-motion effect of this video overall

  8. Nadia Chin

    Something I found interesting was how with improvements of technology and the techniques used to create type, businesses and a new ways to inform people came to be. When there were changes in ink and paper, it allowed for the creation of newspapers and advertisements. In today’s world, the advancement of online type and media started by Apple Macintosh, is now a way more prominent method of receiving information. We see more use of type in digital contexts, rather than a physical form.

  9. Wei Ni

    From the video, one thing that stood out to me is how just seemingly one day someone folded the papyrus and decided that it was cool to open and flip the pages instead of opening the roll of the papyrus. Now because the book and pages were smaller, they had to shrink the size of the letters so they could make the most of it since it was expensive.

  10. Yamileth Hernandez-Garcia

    What I found interesting was how much progression was established throughout time. From Papyrus to the help from the Silversmith named Gutenberg, who made a huge progression in inventing movable character printing that was sold everywhere to later on being able to print out various fonts and soon advertised. Additionally, what was even more fascinating was how much the internet changed newspaper role in society to being able to accessed through digital devices. Although newspaper nowadays is not used as often, typography had a big impact throughout time.


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