Inspiration for you profile picture: Fun portraits from the Inside Out Project

The presentation of all your projects on your OpenLab is representing 25% of your overall grade, it is your final.

  1. your video project with your work process, the text of the pitch, the storyboard, if you have created one, and of course the video link from YouTube.
  2. Your bio with a creative profile picture of yourself that gives the reader a strong sense of you as a developing artist and student. Write a short paragraph describing you in a creative way. The profile picture should show your face to identify you, if you don’t want to, just find a way to have fun with it. For example, you can wear a hat, a wig, sunglasses, or make funny faces.
  3. your research paper
  4. your favorite visual quote postcards and your sketches with captions describing each image
  5. your imaginary field trip paper
  6. and a banner 2400 × 800 pixels, representing your world uploaded on the top of your ePortfolio.
    For example, a picture of your desk, camera, tools you like to use, a detail of one of your visual projects or a collage of several.

A Few Things To Follow

  • DEADLINES: Please respect them. Delayed handed work will affect the time I spend on it and if necessary, the time that we can work together to make sure it is really good. Therefor late homework will affect your grade.
  • HANDING CONVENTION: Homework will ultimately be uploaded to your OpenLab portfolio. The work in progress can be emailed to me.
  • NAMING CONVENTION: title all your files with your first and last name. I need to see to whom the file belongs to without opening it. Write something like your first and last name + project name.
    Example: valeriatrucchia-searchpaper
  • BACKUPS: Be sure to backup all your work on a drive or a cloud such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • GRADE COMMUNICATION: Grades will be communicated on the OpenLab. You can find them on the sidebar on the right. You should check them regularly. This semester, per the college’s academic calendar, midterm grades must be posted by October 29th. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about them.
  • FEEDBACK: every time I receive your work at all stages, I will give you a personal feedback by email. At the more final stage of your visual work I will create slideshows with all the stages and do a group comment for everyone to watch. We all learn from each other.