Commercials and music videos tell stories. Like in the movies, the visuals and music are showing emotions that take us for a ride into a magical universe.


Watch the movie sequences and videos below before the class. Note their story telling style. We will analyze them together during class, to better understand the ways we can captivate the attention of the spectator.

WATCH Ed Sheeran – Put It All On Me

The video above is a series of short scenes that show couples lifestyle. In a few seconds we see their environment, the country they live in, with outside locations or inside their home. Let’s talk about which scene captivated you the most and why.

The 2 videos below show life stories of people in love. The first one is from the movie UP and the second one from a commercial for Google. Think about what they are trying to express and how it is shown.

WATCH first scene of the animated movie UP
WATCH Google commercial

Don’t you love the voice of the man talking about his wife? Think about what type of emotion these 2 movies are expressing. What are the similarities? How the music and visuals are influencing our emotions?

The Calvin Klein commercial below with Billie Eilish is very short (30 seconds), but you can immediately connect with her, by the way she talks and describes herself. What if you were talking about yourself in a video? Where would you place yourself? Would you pick a bathtub for a location for example?

Imagine how will you describe yourself? Where will you film it? What will you say and how will you show your own truth?

WATCH Billie Eilish – Calvin Klein commercial

Billie is a great artist, she has a very creative mind. Like her, use your imagination and tell your own story.