Today’s class is about how to make videos being magical, using Apps such as Adobe After Effect, Animate and Premiere Pro from the Adobe Cloud, and my favorite, the amazing Cinema 4D.

What can we do with Adobe After Effect?

Adobe After Effects is a 2.5D animation software used for animation, visual effects, and motion picture compositing. After Effects is used in film, TV, and web video creation. This software is used in the post-production phase, and has hundreds of effects that can be used to manipulate imagery. This allows you to combine layers of video and images into the same scene.

See a video of what you can do with AE.

What can we do with Adobe Animate? See the video below.

What can we do with Adobe Premiere Pro?

What can we do with Cinema 4D?

Watch 3D artwork in the post How To Make Magic Stuff.

Watch the interview of the motion graphic designer, Michael Wiehart, director of Visual Comforts.