COMD Department Support

You can contact anyone for help.

Softwares Access

All the links you need to get Adobe CC, Microsoft Office, Blackboard, and others.

Blackboard Support

• Evelyn Pak email or call: 718 254 8565

Computer Loaner Program

Adobe creative Suite 2020

  • CUNY Student ID Usernames will not work off-campus. 
  • Adobe does not work on a Chromebook. 
  • CUNY is working with Adobe to change the contact in order to give students use off campus. I will inform you of that status

Remote and Virtual Desktop Solutions

Basic Tips

  • Use Microsoft One Drive with your CUNY Login to backup data to the cloud.
  • Follow the COMD Facebook page at Communication Design at Citytech and Instagram @comd_citytech 
  • Apple Keyboard Shortcuts

You will need a USB-C Adapter for MacBooks to connect external storage devices

Office of Computer Information Services

Learn Anywhere on the City Tech website has many resource available to solve different issues.