Kehinde Wiley and Guns in America

Art Essay From The Brooklyn Museum Visit

Guns In America at the JR: Chronicles show

Jacques-Louis David Meets Kehinde Wiley

Pick one of the 2 art pieces above to discuss and analyze in your essay.




Field trip Saturday March 7th at 11am
Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11238

The artist talking about the creation of Guns In America for Time magazine.

And above the talk that JR gave at the night of the opening. I was seating in the audience.

An article in The New York Times about the show on Kehinde Wiley and Jacques-Louis David horse paintings.An article in The New York Times about the show on Kehinde Wiley and Jacques-Louis David horse paintings.

And a good teaching resource about the show with all the infos you need
I highly recommend to read if you decide to write on these David and Wiley’s portraits.


About your assignment

The assignment is to write a report discussing one of the two pieces you saw at the museum you found compelling and its relationship to current social or political events.

Describe why you found something particularly photograph or art effective – its cropping, size, composition, subject – all are elements that should be discussed. You should be aware of JR and  Kehinde Wiley’s intentions. Write about how you felt the art fits into the show. This means you must inform the reader about which show it was in and what that it was about.

You should have a brief introduction to begin your report about the museum itself. The art you discuss should have an image to accompany your text.

The essay should be between 3 to 5 paragraphs with each about 5 sentences. See the examples below.

Examples of excellent reflective writing from previous students field trips are below. They may not have visited the same museum, the assignment was the same.

The Grading

I will be grading your project with this in mind:

  • Originality of your photograph choice  > 10 points
    The photograph should have an interesting story and social reference. 
  • Writing > 20 points
    Your writing should be clear and with perfect spelling.
  • Critical Thinking > 20 points
    Your thoughts and reflexions about what what you have learnt should be informative, personal and original. What did you find interesting in this photo? What did you discover? What surprised you?
  • Research > 20 points
    Be inventive and smart with your research and find your personal angle. Do not just read material from Wikipedia. 
  • The presentation > 20 points
    You should show the photograph you picked and some other pictures you took at the museum that show the art and/or architecture you found interesting. 
  • Punctuality > 10 points
    Respect the deadline. If you have issues with it just talk to me.

TOTAL > 100 points