Imaginary Being Project

“Although I didn’t follow instructions with the white border”. My focal point is what really grabs your attention first? is it the Bunny on the right side? The Three Eye Monster in the middle? or the Smoking Skull on the left side? I let the viewer decide. There’s a lot of value in this painting as if you look at the bunny you can see the black is mostly the dark areas on the rabbit such as inside the ear, the whiskers and eyes. For the smoking skull, the cracks on the skull can be seen as a shadow also the eye can also be seen as a shadow. Background wise can also be seen as a value if you look on the bottom left all the way to top left you can see dark on the bottom and it gets lighter as it goes up. I also incorporated some movement towards the middle of my three eye monster with the tears flowing down from top to bottom. There’s also a gradient with the grays with a darker gray in the bottom and the lightest gray on the top.

1 thought on “Imaginary Being Project

  1. chantal gomez

    Darren’s imaginary being project is more tilt to the top of the page with negative space at the bottom. From the bottom to the top you can see the value of black getting lighter at it goes up. The focal point is definitely in the center but not sure on what. There is a good rhythm in the patterns on the right side of the paper. There is a high contrast between the black and white on the skull and smoke.

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