Abstract being

My Imaginary being is somewhat based on the Statue of Liberty and all the people who work to end injustice. She represents all those who aren’t in power and their voices aren’t heard. Surrounding her are newspapers in the background showing the climate of the world focusing on money and stocks. She stands on two parts of the border, the left is a shrine to the immigrants that died and the right side calls for reform. A homeless man sleeps on the left and a sign on the left from a homeless person says Once I was like you. My imaginary being is a beacon of hope for those yearning for the goal of utopia. The focal point of my project is the beacon of hope she stands out because the background is made up of grayscale. I cut up pieces of different textures to make her clothes pop out and made her standing above protecting those in need around her.I tried to make her have the same silhouette as a picture of the Statue of Liberty I saw. 

2 thoughts on “Abstract being

  1. Elvis Gordillo

    I like the way how you used the New York Times for the background of your being as texture. I see how she is supposed to be representing as Lady Liberty. I see that there is a two point perspective for the base of your being. The scale of your being seems to be pretty even with your background. Overall interesting project with an interesting focal point.

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