Sonia Lakeram Imaginary Being

In this project I created a cyclops who has a genie like tale. With this composition I ripped out articles from various magazines and glued them down for the background. The words from the magazines give a little texture, this goes well with the concept of the background being a cave because they act like the rubble and rock like features that are present in a cave. I used the gouache paint to bring the background to life using a black and white value scale. The top of the artwork is black and the bottom is left to be the color of the magazine while the middle shifts to grey. I purposely made the paint brush leave streaks so that there is a sort of rhythm to create the illusion of the stalactite that are usually formed in caves. To create a sense of balance with the top and bottom of the art I painted spikes to act as rocks. Overall the piece has an asymmetrical balance which creates a sense of unity with the background and the imaginary being.

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