Hi there students,

I saw some students today (on Blackboard collaborate and gave permission for Senior Project and thought that all could use this chart of which section of Senior Project or Portfolio are illustration, graphic design, advertising, etc.

Please Enroll for the section in your area and be sure to inform your advisor of the section number.

Best, TG


COMD 4801 D281 Portfolio: Motion/Animation
COMD 4801 D282 Portfolio: Illustration
COMD 4801 D283 Portfolio: Graphic Design
COMD 4801 E283 Portfolio: Web
COMD 4801 E284 Portfolio: Advertising
COMD 4801 OL86 Portfolio
COMD 4830 D350 Senior Project – Illustration
COMD 4830 D352 Senior Project – Animation/motion
COMD 4830 D355 Senior Project – Advertising
COMD 4830 E359 Senior Project – Graphic Design
COMD 4830 E360 Senior Project – Web