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New York City College of Technology is a teaching institution that embraces innovation by fostering the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind that prepare its students to respond to an ever-changing world of ideas, technologies, and environments. City Tech finds the innovator within, bridges theory and practice, supports creativity, and builds partnerships within and across disciplines and fields of practice.  Drawing on the strengths of the diversity among its varied community and programs, the College provides a setting for the open, respectful, and professional exchange of ideas. The City Tech community strives to exemplify social responsibility, civic engagement, and ethical behavior.

The College is an active partner in the rich cultural life and expanding economic base of Brooklyn and New York City.  Through its baccalaureate, associate and non-degree programs, City Tech provides higher education in a wide range of technical and professional fields to the diverse population of New York City.  City Tech’s faculty are skilled, innovative teachers and active researchers who create knowledge, improve professional practice in their fields, and collaborate across disciplines to promote academic achievement, intellectual development, and professional growth. The College’s programs, integrating liberal arts and sciences and study in a major area, prepare students for personal and professional success, for the challenges of becoming leaders, innovators, and stewards of their fields, and for lifelong learning.

3 thoughts on “NYCCT Mission Statement”

  1. Suggested revision of the mission statement for concision and simplicity.

    New York City College of Technology is committed to providing broad access to high quality technological and professional education for the diverse populations of New York City. A distinctive emphasis on applied skills and place-based learning built upon a vibrant general education foundation equips students with both problem-solving skills and an understanding of the social contexts of technology that make our graduates competitive in the 21st century economy. Interdisciplinary learning and opportunities for creative collaboration are hallmarks of our academic programs. We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusion, respect, and open-mindedness in which all members of our community can flourish.

  2. Hello. I like the new mission statement. I have a small comment about the last sentence in the first paragraph. I got stuck on the word “behavior” which seems to me a limiting term. This is the sentence I’m referring to: “The City Tech community strives to exemplify social responsibility, civic engagement, and ethical behavior.”

    I propose: “City Tech strives to nurture the spirit of social responsibility, civic engagement, as well as ethical and aesthetic reflection.”

    The new sentence would also includes a term from the old mission statement that does not appear in the new mission statement – the word, “aesthetic”, which is a reminder to appreciate beauty in the world. I hope we can include that reminder.


  3. Hi Marco,
    As you suggested, I am adding a sentence on linguistic diversity.

    At the end of first paragraph, I suggest we add:

    “CItytech prides itself on linguistic diversity and is home to over 100 different languages spoken on its campus. The educational mission of the college supports ongoing enhancement of linguistic competence of its many foreign and second language speakers and writers.

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