Robert Christo | D456 | Spring 2023

Class 2 Agenda

Class Info

  • Date: Saturday, 2/1
  • Meeting Info: Voorhees V-305

To-Do Before Class

  • Set up your OpenLab account (if you haven’t already) and join this course
  • Sign the Academic Integrity Pledge
  • Purchase required class materials (see syllabus for details)
  • Daily Sketches (5 minimum) – Neighborhood Mapping
    • Identify places in your neighborhood that have some personal meaning to you (could be anything – a grocery store, a park, a friend’s house…) and sketch them. I suggest you pick at least 4 places.
    • From memory (not google maps), create a map of your neighborhood and include these places in your map. Think creatively here, it doesn’t have to be literal (refer to the reading in the link above).
    • Include a short narrative describing your map
    • Post to Miro, and be prepared to discuss next class


Introduction to Architectural Drawings: Measuring, Drawing, Dimensioning


  • Neighborhood Mapping Review
  • Architectural drawings: plans, sections, elevations
  • How to use an architectural scale
    • In class drafting exercise
  • Architectural lettering
  • Assignment 1 Overview

To-Do After Class

  • Daily Sketches (5 minimum) – Objects in your home
  • Reading
  • We have a field trip next week, details to come…
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