Class Info

  • Date: Saturday, 1/25
  • Meeting Info: Voorhees V-305

To-Do Before Class

  • Enjoy your winter break! 


General Course Introduction


  • Introduce ourselves to each other
  • Review the OpenLab site and course syllabus together
  • Review the class Miro board
  • Introduction to the BTech and BArch programs at City Tech
    • Watch the video together
    • Review the PDF outlining the different paths you might take toward becoming a licensed architect in New York
    • In-Class Writing:
      • Write about the path you might want to take to become an architect: what education you might choose and what you might want to do professionally when you graduate.  You can choose several approaches toward licensure or several career paths, but with each you choose, write about why you’re interested in following this pathway.
      • NOTE:  You are not being asked to make your choice now; this is intended to get you thinking about the opportunities available to you.
  • Pre-Assessment (30 Minutes)

To-Do After Class

  • Set up your OpenLab account (if you haven’t already) and join this course
  • Sign the Academic Integrity Pledge
  • Purchase required class materials (see syllabus for details)
  • Daily Sketches (5 minimum) – Neighborhood Mapping
    • Identify places in your neighborhood that have some personal meaning to you (could be anything – a grocery store, a park, a friend’s house…) and sketch them. I suggest you pick at least 4 places.
    • From memory (not google maps), create a map of your neighborhood and include these places in your map. Think creatively here, it doesn’t have to be literal (refer to the reading in the link above).
    • Include a short narrative describing your map
    • Post to Miro, and be prepared to discuss next class
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