Homework #5: The Animated Sequence

Newspapers journalists in Citizen Kane
Newspapers journalists in Citizen Kane

Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane (1941) is known for the use of many innovative techniques, especially the use of deep focus. In addition, there is a scene in which a photograph comes to life. The scene comes during Kane’s announcement that his has hired the group of star journalists from a rival newspaper to write for his own paper, The Inquirer. This sequence recalls the increasing popularity of animation in this period.

As we learned in class, Snow White and the Seven Dwarf (1937) was the first feature-length animated film. Watch a clip from Disney’s  Snow White, and post your thoughts on early animation.

Watch the photograph come to life in Citizen Kane here.

Watch a clip from Snow White  here

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12 thoughts on “Homework #5: The Animated Sequence”

  1. HeIlo, I think Walt Disney had an great Imagination. He visual things in a different way. I think “Snow White and the Seven Dwarf,” was above our time. He was great at all his movies, parks and much more. He seen the future in animation. I enjoyed the scene. Snow White thought they was kids without parents. Everything in that scene came to life like the animals , the dust and more. It seems so lifelike. She was so Innocent the whole movie. I can watch this movie Over and over again.This movie was the future for all animation. I think without him, our cartoons would of been so boring for a long time. So thank you Mr. Disney! !!! POST# Citizen kane photograph came to life! It which to two scene and then came to two.The last one was when he was walking across the photo wild they was taking the picture. There wasn’t no any films like that. It was Spectacular how it came to life.

    1. I agree. I also enjoyed watching Disney films and do think Walt Disney had a great imagination. He did have great animated movies. His movie “snow white and the seven dwarfs”, was great. All of his animated movies are great. I would agree that this movie and others were above our time. Due to the fact that I heard the most of his movies that are animated, were all hand drawn. Everything was mostly hand drawn for every scene of the movie. Which is crazy to have been done with the limited technology they have since they didn’t have special tools to make animations it was just drawn, which I would say is above their time, since they didn’t have the tech to make it easier but they still were able to make a featured long animated film. I would also agree that Disney made animation in America something really interested. I say one of the most interesting animation was the Mickey Mouse. That when I feel Disney became more known and more famous. Disney animation is more life, like with the animals and all the things he includes in his animation. Walt Disney is awesome. Also come on there is Disney world and land and etc, due to the success of his films like snow white and Mickey Mouse, etc.
      Comment diamond

    2. Yes, I would have to agree Walt Disney did have a great imagination. He places great detail on everything in that clip. He would describe everything that was going on while she walks through the rooms. Yes, I would have to also agree with the part you mentioned about her being innocent, fast forwarding to kids movies now it’s a complete opposite. I would sometimes have to screen the movies before I let my cousins watch the movies. Even though he places so many inferences on every detail moves today really don’t have that focus on detail you would have to pay close attention to the details yourself. In the clip Citizen Kane was a clip that indeed came to life when walking pass the people when sitting down.

  2. The clips from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a lot more detailed than the Citizen Kane clip. Reason why is because the clip where Snow White enters the dwarfs house is given to the viewer in details, Snow White is describing the house of how dirty it is and as she going around describing it the animals that are with her are emphasizing the dirtiness of the house. In the Citizen Kane clip the viewer would have just saw a photo with people talking in the background and eventually they would see those people in a more detailed form and see their picture being taken.

  3. I really enjoy watching Disney films. The use of animation has really changed throughout the years from the old Disney films to the new ones. I also can’t help but to think that all Disney films, there has always been a song being sung. I don’t recall ever watching a Disney movie without hearing a song being sung by one of the main characters, for example “Lion King”, “Cinderella”, etc. Walt Disney also made hybrid films, which means he incorporated live action and animation into his films, for example. “Enchanted”.

    1. I agree with what your saying, growing up Disney has produced and aired some of my favorite films. What attracted me and millions of other kids were the songs and cartoon but life like characters. You know they are fake however they look more like you and kind of relate to you more than a cartoon such as spongebob, even though that was one of my favorite cartoons as well. When your watching a cartoon movie such as Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs it makes you feel like you are entering their world or as if you are going into a back story of a still photo. Something in your imagination.

  4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarf was the first feature length animated film. Critics had little faith in the film’s success rate because it was animated. However the film became quite successful and inspired directors like Federico Fellini and Orson Welles. Personally I enjoyed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but to me the animation of the past has nothing on the animation of today. For one thing the color of today’s animation is more crisp and very detailed.

  5. Thoughts on Snow White and Citizen Kane are they are completely different. Snow White is animated, while Citizen Kane is not. Snow White is a disney film and that alone is a major honor. Snow White was Walt Disney’s first Disney Princess. Snow White takes you deeper into your imagination with the 7 dwarfs, the friendly wild animals, and the romantic fairytale. Also Snow White was in color. Til this day, she is one of the most iconic animated characters if all time. The story of Snow White has been reused, remade, and twisted into more present times.

  6. The snow white clip is inspirational because it’s was so detailed. I’ve never been a fan of animation, I really pay more attention to the story then all the animation put together. The Snow White film was very good put together almost looks like it was made now then so many years ago. Animation just gets better as time passes by because of the technology we have now. I still think Snow white’s voice was irritating to hear but Snow white is truly a classic.

  7. I had a wonderful time watching this week’s screenings. Animation was definitely a huge step forward in film. It changed the way film was viewed altogether. Watching Walt Disney’s Snow White took me back to simpler times. That’s also exactly how I viewed the film, simple yet beautiful. The animations were not like today’s Pixar films, nor were they filled with unnecessary special effects. In class, we were told that director Eisenstein rated it the best film of all time. I could see how at that time that was an accurate depiction. Walt Disney’s simple animations were elegant and brought joy to many people, something I truly believe could not be duplicated today even with all the technology we have. The music and feel of the movie as a whole is a joy to watch, even so long after it’s production. I also enjoyed watching the animation in Citizen Kane, where the new newspaper staff’s photo “comes to life”. The shot zooms into the photo which ends up being a scene in present time. This was a huge step forward in film at the time and a great scene to watch.

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