Nusrat Jahan: HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Photography is a unique form of art which is used to express our feelings to the world. It is used as a tool to keep memories of your favorite moments and sometimes used as proof for something that happened at that moment. Taking pictures and selfies became a part of our daily activities and a trend. Millions of pictures and selfies are uploaded on social media every minute. Nowadays, there are many tools that are available for us to make our pictures look like the way we want to show ourselves to the world. We can edit our pictures however we want to and post it on Instagram, snap chat, facebook and etc. Even though we use photography to express ourselves to the world, we never really express our true selves to the world. In the article ‘Cindy Sherman Takes Selfies (as Only She Could) on Instagram,’ Sherman says “users can smudge their skin with corrective balms, zap moles and wrinkles, and reshape their heads as if they were made of Plasticine.” Sherman explains that all the filters used to make ourselves better actually take away the true meaning of our image. We pay so much attention to how to create the perfect image of us that we most of the time tend to forget to express who we really are.

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