Jessica Pareja HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Photography is an amazing art form in which its able to capture images that have different expression. Photography is a tool that capture pictures of people, places, and things in a variety ways. We’re able to photograph many important events in our lives, moments that someone would like cherish, share their idea or to show as evidences. Photography has come a long way and overtime became an everyday use. Today many people take selfies and to me selfie can’t be consider as photography. Selfie are a self portrait photographs which are usually taken by a camera phone. Selfies are usually posted on social network services like instagram. Selfies in a way are series of documentaries. It shows with who we were, what we did, where we went and when. As the article mention selfies are posted to impress people, and show a better self.  However, Cindy Sherman takes her selfie in a different way. While everyone is trying to impress their viewer, Cindy Sherman creates something new. She creates unique selfies to express herself making them each have a purpose. In my opinion, I like the way she created her selfies. She knew how to express her thought unlike other selfies. Her selfies made me realized how perfect we want our selfie to look instead of just having fun with them.



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