zhiwei lin HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Photography is one of my favorite art forms. first of all, photography is a way of expression and communication. And Selfies is a most straightforward way to express ourselves. when you take a selfie, that was a new person you want to show to public. In the present science and technology society, social media apps can help you to show you more quickly and simpler. Use you phone to take selfie, upload to social media app, everyone can see the perfect one for you in one second. Cindy Sherman is a photographer that posts her art on Instagram and uses herself as the subject. Cindy Sherman, Her works often have over-saturated colors, unconscious expressions, and heavy makeup and stage-like lights. That is what she wants to show to the world. she used her work to challenge herself and challenge the audience. In my opinion, she used an exaggerated expression to express her thoughts.

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