HW#4- Robert Frank

Robert Frank’s work is unique and different from every other artist. I like his use of going to different cities and taking quick almost snap-shot images that capture the reality of what people’s lives are like. For example, one of the most eye-grabbing images that were shown in the video about the exhibition was about the woman in the elevator working. She had a dull face almost as if she was tired, hungry, and depressed about pushing buttons for a living. This was great to see because we go through days just like this at times thinking that we are so useless and don’t want to work anymore and want a change. We also at times don’t necessarily see these people’s emotions because we are always in a rush and don’t pay attention to our surroundings as much as we should.

The real sense in his photos was also unlike any other photographers work. His use of making images look like they are telling a story through emotions he captures and facial expressions was unbelievable. The picture of the black woman holding a white baby helped to show the diversity and prove that we are all equal regardless of color, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

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