Homework #4

Robert Frank, a well respected photographer during the mid-1900s, captured America from a different perspective. This was not the point of view of presenting America as a superior nation, however, more so the realism of the country and its people. Peter Glass, who is the curator of the Robert Frank exhibit in Stanford, delicately enforces the purpose of these images. The themes that are stated in the video were ordinary people, politics, and religion. He goes in depth by highlighting how an individual connects to the nation. His visit to the South prior to the Civil Rights movements emphasized the racial tensions in the area. For example, the photo of a black woman holding a white baby brought up a very interesting question. This question being was how come a white mom has no problem with a  black women taking care of her child, but would not dare sit next to this same black women during another circumstance. Furthermore, there were photos of people who simply seemed bored of their jobs and did show how rapidly paced America is such as described in different photographers. The series of photos of taken of human beings was artistic and bold in that it portrayed a realistic view of America rather than what many are accustomed to seeing.

The political aspect was also having light shined upon the topic. Robert Frank showed people rallying together with the American Flag making an appearance in the crowd. In addition, the untiement was very much put up on the spotlight.

What he brilliantly managed to accomplish is connecting the previous era to the modern one now. He exposes human loneliness, unity, and more to how civilization is today. More importantly, all the themes addressed were adequately represented.

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