Homework #3

The first thing I did after enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with my family was post this picture. Proud of my hard work, and the family time spent making our meal. Food photography is very common on instagram. I myself like to take pictures of a meal at a restaurant or of food I prepare myself.  Sometimes I use filters to alter the color. Color intensifies the ingredients, helping to create a more intrigued image of food. Food photography on instagram is a great way to view reviews on restaurants, its food and get a greater sense of portion size. We all like to know what our food will look like before we actually sit down and order a meal. Food posted on instagram does just that. Its a greater understanding of what you will get, and how it will be presented to you. When everyday consumers post a photo of food from a restaurant, its more believable to the viewers.

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  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    You should be so proud of the feast you provided. It is an impressive spread. Thank you for sharing the photo.

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