HW#2- Food & Coffee in the Civil War- Priyanka Phagoo

I’ve always wondered how a necessity like food was provided at war with such difficult circumstances. And more so, with the lack of today’s knowledge on food safety. As a hospitality management student, food and beverage are of high concern. Personally, I believe food is more important than coffee. Soldiers’ bodies need more of the nutrients from meat and vegetables than the caffeine or warmth of coffee. I never would’ve imagined, however, that coffee fueled soldiers like it did. I give credit to those who prepared the food, although “many men still suffered from hunger, illness and death from unsanitary and poorly cooked food” (Tori Avey). Inexperienced men were forced to adjust to needs at war.

What I found most fascinating was the fact that coffee substitutes were created out of roasting corn, rye, or chopped beets by “grinding them finely and brewing up something warm and brown” (Jon Grinspan). The first thing that comes to mind when someone chooses to buy coffee nowadays, is its caffeine. And although its ability to allow the soldiers to stay awake was attractive, sometimes it was all about warmth.

One food item I can’t live without is french fries!


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  1. Nisreen says:

    I agree with you that food and nutrients from food are more important than coffee for a man, especially a soldier. But sometimes food that is for emotional comfort such as coffee for the soldiers in the civil war can be as crucial.

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