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HW #3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram (Priyanka Phagoo)

This is a photograph of my family’s Thanksgiving dinner. I’m all for food photography! This photograph was originally taken on Snapchat, not from my phone’s Camera. With that being said, this is how I use food photography: with social media. … Continue reading

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HW#2- Food & Coffee in the Civil War- Priyanka Phagoo

I’ve always wondered how a necessity like food was provided at war with such difficult circumstances. And more so, with the lack of today’s knowledge on food safety. As a hospitality management student, food and beverage are of high concern. … Continue reading

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Priyanka Phagoo- HW#1- Photography, Selfies & Cindy Sherman

I’ve always thought of photography as something artistic, with a deep intention and complicated meaning. Selfies are definitely a type of photograph, but I do not categorize selfies as a form of art. I agree completely with Cindy Sherman when … Continue reading

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