Priyanka Phagoo- HW#1- Photography, Selfies & Cindy Sherman

I’ve always thought of photography as something artistic, with a deep intention and complicated meaning. Selfies are definitely a type of photograph, but I do not categorize selfies as a form of art.

I agree completely with Cindy Sherman when she expresses the notion that “we are almost never the selves in our selfies” (Farago). Selfies have become our generation’s most popular way of sharing memories. We have a belief that anything negative or depressing broadcasted on social media is inappropriate. Some have the opinion that social media isn’t for such heavy images. A lot of us have formulated that concept within us.

I consider Cindy Sherman’s selfies in her hospital bed, a form of art. Although her photographs are filtered, the reality she captures with them is raw.

Sherman herself used to think that sharing photographs on social media was ‘vulgar.’ Alongside that, it’s important to understand, as people who use social media everyday, that there’s a certain etiquette we should maintain, but forcing smiles isn’t one. As Jason Farago states in his article, “Cindy Sherman Takes Selfies (as Only She Could) on Instagram,” “the most hazardous disguises are the forced smiles we now whiten with our index fingers.” It’s more than appropriate to post realistic, heavy, unhappy photographs, as long as it doesn’t offend or hurt anyone else. It’s exercising our right to express.

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