HW#1 Cindy Sherman

Photography is a unique way to capture great moments of one’s lifetime and record historic events that occur as well. You can take breath taking photos of incredible scenery and also take an awesome selfie. Photography can bring loads of people together. We can all, for the most part, have similar moods when looking at pictures of food, cute puppies, or looking at pictures of tropical islands.

I think that selfies are one of the newer and powerful ways that the younger generation connects with each other. They can take a selfie with a nice view in the background, take a selfie with food, and just take one of themseves with no emotion to show how bored they might be. This, in fact, will often lead to people replying and commenting under these posts beginning to interact with the background or food along with asking questions. These questions can lead to conversations with friends on social media, which is extremely useful.

Cindy Sherman takes different types of pictures. She will sometimes post a unique selfie, where her face is altered to attract more people to the post and she posts pictures of food and nature. These types of posts are common on Instagram and Mrs. Sherman is no stranger to that what-so-ever!

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