HW #1 – Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Photography is a science that has transformed itself into an art. Personally i enjoy photography. I believe that similarly to how certain individuals say that “The eyes are the window to the soul” it is also especially true for photography. When a photo is taken it freezes time, it pauses the ever moving and everlasting span of time with the emotions, reactions and actions as they were at that given moment. This allows us, the people to look at photographs of people and even yourself and feel enamored by the moment in time or the feelings that pertrude from the photograph itself. Selfies are the modern world’s way of expressing ones self at any given moment and time. Sometimes they show the joy and excitement that a person is feeling, other times it masks the true feelings behind a smile and a filter. Selfies are not to be taken lightly they tell so much with one simple button click. The Photographer Cindy Sherman takes a very realistic approach to Instagram which i don’t necessarily agree with i believe that Instagram is a fun app that allows for creative expression and if used with that intention can highlight reality as well as fiction.


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