Edith Munoz HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Social media has become a place where many people get to share their adventures and perhaps express their emotions. Social media is used by sharing their photography in which is part of artwork. You probably think that a selfie is just a picture of a person, but that selfie is considered as artwork. For example, on snapchat you could apply any type of filters and put a different persons face on top of yours. By applying a filter, it doesn’t make you who you are anymore According to Ms. Sherman, “we are almost never the selves in our selfies — and that the most hazardous disguises are the forced smiles we now whiten with our index fingers.” I agree with Ms. Sherman because we do not look like ourselves, by applying a filter it hides many of our features and makes us look a little different than what we are. Moreover, people also post pictures that may be significant to them, but not everyone will see it like he/she does. But, it also allows people to see picture of peoples adventures and may be inspired to visit the place the picture was taken. But, maybe the picture has a very powerful meaning to that person. According to Ms. Sherman’s selfies, her way in experiencing a type of artwork is by using an app called “face tune.” Her pictures express her creativity and perhaps make up could make you look however you desire.

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