HW 1: photography, selfies and Cindy Sherman

Photography is a form of art, expression, communication and science. What cannot be communicated through word, can be expressed in a photograph. What starts  from behind the lens of a camera, ends with a photograph that captures a moment of the time in its actuality. A type of those photographs is selfies.                                                                                The selfie in itself is a way to create art.Through a selfie, one can express his or her emotion and feelings. Through a selfie, we see love, happiness, sadness, thoughtfulness and the list goes on and on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Cindy Sherman is a photographer and model. She has shown the world her art through her photographs. She is known for her eccentricity in her photographs, and it showed more so  in her selfies, with their filters and vibrant colors. She led us into her mind and soul, showed us what cannot be expressed through words. We’ve seen her at her most vulnerable, laying in a hospital bed, showing us her moods and emotions. with her selfies, she was able to show us her pain, sadness, desperation. But we also saw her self confidence , happiness, love of life and courage. She stormed the world of photography back then, and came to storm the social media world today.





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