HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman’s Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/_cindysherman_/

For this homework you will need to create an account on the OpenLab. To get started follow the directions on the OpenLab’s Getting Started Page and to learn how to post your homework, please review my Blogging Guidelines located above.

The objective of this homework is to consider the use of photography in social media. What do you think of selfies, the self portraits that dominate Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media apps? According to Google, users uploaded 24 billion selfies during the first year of the launch of Google Photos. Read the following article in the New York Times about the artist Cindy Sherman, who is known for making herself the subject of her photography. Recently, Sherman started using social media publicly and she has produced a series of innovative selfies on Instagram. What do you think of her photos on Instagram?

NYT article: “Cindy Sherman Takes Selfies (As Only She Could) on Instagram”

Please write and submit a 200-word post to share your thoughts on photography, selfies, and Cindy Sherman with your classmates.

Homework #1 is DUE on Monday, September 11 by midnight.

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