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Sula was an interesting read,┬ádefiantly┬áheld my attention much better then passing. it had a sense of conflict that seemed to persist. for me just the thought of living in this little town seemed a bit chaotic, witch was good. i … Continue reading

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Passing responce

Reading Passing was… difficult. I cant┬ádescribe┬áthe vain, the disdain, the utter rage this book gave me. The characters are uninteresting, and the story itself is just as bland. it was a battle inside of me to turn the pages with … Continue reading

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Passing the first chapter.

AH HA I GET IT…. nevermind Well! The first chapter of this book caught my attention in a rather interesting way. It raised a great amount of questions that I feel like my mission is now to solve. the main … Continue reading

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Of mice and men reaction.

For the first time I found myself glued to this book, honestly I did have to force myself to finish it but that was because of the influx of resident evil 6, DOA5, and Tekken tag 2. honestly I was┬áprioritizing┬ábut … Continue reading

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So about these new post’s and stuff…

Hiya! My name is Joseph, or any┬áderivative┬áthereof, ┬áJoe, Joey, J, Joey-the-snowman, Joey-the-joseph-barbera, Steve, and Joey-squarebox. ┬áI like many things some of these things being stuff, but things are┬ádefiantly┬ámy favorite. ┬áanyway.┬áVideo games, martial arts, snowboarding,┬áswimming┬áand, Music are a few of the … Continue reading

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