Passing the first chapter.

AH HA I GET IT…. nevermind

Well! The first chapter of this book caught my attention in a rather interesting way. It raised a great amount of questions that I feel like my mission is now to solve. the main one for me being what is Clair and Irene’ relationship? it gives me just enough to think about it but not enough to properly deduce something. I’m curious about Clairs status, and state of mind. She can afford nice paper, envelopes, and ink, but evidently her handwriting is hardly legible to Irene witch honestly says something about someone. Considering the letter is important to Clair why would she not take the time to at least wright decently, or use money for some kind of typewriter. Im sure i will find my answers to these and more but we can only wait and hope to not fall asleep on the book!

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