Journal 1

Of mice and men truly show the boundaries of a friendship that is built on guilt and not real devotion to the other person. George knew that his actions at the end would ultimately lead to Lennie’s death.  George still tried to cover his tracks and place the entire blame on lennie.  THis i believe is not the true meaning of friendship.

Journal 2

Passig to me was a very good book and very well written.  I loved the relationship that Irene and Claire shared, especially Irenes mixed feelings about Clare.  Clare decided to live a dangerous but prosporus life and at the end it proved to be more dangerous.  The only thing i didnt like is the way that the story ended with no real solution to the plot.  The reader still doesnt know if Irene pushed Clare out the window or not.

Journal 3

Sula had alot of twist and turns each individual character providing something new and full to the story.  I loved how the characters interacted and blended together tho make up this story about this town in Ohio.  THe blacks lived on land that shouldnt have been developed and they still created a town and a culture.

Journal 4

The story loggerheads was a very good read, David Sedaris really knows how to write a creative piece.  I liked to relationship between David and Sean, really changed the turnout of the story.  I believe that the turtles are a symbol for the way David gets treated in the world.  No one ever really listens to him or understands what he is going through.

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