The Wife of Bath’s Prologue

The Wife of Bath’s Prologue from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales This link is to a parallel text: it shows the Middle English that Chaucer wrote in on the left, and the modern translation on the right. You should concentrate on the modern translation only, but it might be interesting to see the changes.

Here is a modern translation alone.

And here’s the original link I posted, just for kicks. I found that the line numbers on the left were distracting, so I chose one that numbered on the right. But if you already started reading this one, I don’t want to throw you off. 🙂

Here are some videos you might enjoy as you read.  Remember, you are reading her prologue, not her tale.

The Canterbury Tales general prologue, as it sounded in Middle English:

And a more entertaining version…

One video interpreting the “Wife of Bath’s Tale”

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    Awesome this makes life easier!

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