Death of a …Nella Larsen?

On Thursday I found myself in the library scanning the PS 2552 shelf looking for Nella Larsen’s Passing. I planned to read it over the coming weekend but unfortunately someone beat me to it. Just as I turned to leave I spotted Death of a Salesman and decided why not I might as well READ something. My mind has been blown – this book is total awesomeness in two acts and a requiem! The sad part is now I’ve found Nella Larsen’s Passing at the BPL (Brooklyn Public Library) and as I sit here reading “It was the last letter…” I want to shoot myself. I feel as though I had a great appetizer of stuffed mushrooms with Arthur Miller and now the Passing is a main course of liver and onions. *SIGH* Its going to be a long long read.

Chapter one of Nella Larsen’s Passing seems so very strange and disembodied, it has drawn some attention with the presentation of a rift between Clare and Irene but …I suppose I’ll have to get past all this description of Clare and hopefully it will become engaging. …HOPEFULLY!

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  1. You might be happy to hear that Passing is a short read in three acts, much like Nella Larsen’s writing career. I tend to think of it as delicious with complex and unexpected spices, but that’s just me.

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