Of mice and men reaction.

For the first time I found myself glued to this book, honestly I did have to force myself to finish it but that was because of the influx of resident evil 6, DOA5, and Tekken tag 2. honestly I was prioritizing but focusing while those games tease me is killer. anyway.

This book played like a movie in my mind very vividly. I have been on a farm before and the setting seemed to fit it perfectly so placing the characters and watching everything happen was a very nice and rather dramatic experience. I feel like I can connect with george in a way because I have had to care for a mentally handicapped individual in my life and i still do at some points. It is not easy and is rather depressing especially knowing they arent fully in your control  Lennie even at times will go against what George tells him to do, not compleatly intentional but something that still happens. It does not suprise me that Lennie is the cause of all this drama, and Georges suffering. but even with all this the ending made me gasp when I read it, but at the same time i had trouble trying to truly blame George and still he did not seem like the bad guy in the end at all.

Overall a very good experience in the life of dust bowl travelers just trying to make a living. A real good insite as to what life may have been like back then.

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