End Of Mice and Men

I read this book before in High School and loved it but after so long i had forgotten what happens at the end so reading it again made me relive the first time i read itĀ rememberingĀ as i went along even after reading it a second time i still loved it but i feel bad for Lennie at the end because everything he does he does with good intentions it just ends upĀ gettingĀ him in trouble all the time till George has to put him down.

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  1. charlie says:

    I had never read the book before , the book was pretty good but the women I think were too much of flirts and always were causing problems. Never thought that in the time period that this took place the women were like that since I always hear my elders speaking about girls in this generation and the elders classify themselves as betters because they werent such flirts and all the other stuff. At the end I really dont believe that George shouldve done what he did.

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