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The ending of the story can be debated that about whether Irene pushed Claire or if it was an accident. Even after Irene thought Claire was sleeping with her husband i dont think it was enough to motivate her to kill Claire. … Continue reading

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Sula was an interesting story which contained many deaths and possibly hinted at Sula’s death. Sula witnessed two deaths the deaths of chicken little and her mom and didn’t even attempt to do anything to help. After she’s gone for ten years and comes back she … Continue reading

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I found that in the story Loggerheads the author is clearly relating the lives of the loggerhead turtles he captured to his own. When he describe the loggerhead turtles banging their fins against the glass and how sad they look … Continue reading

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At first the book is all over the place because it goes from character to character explaining their backgrounds but after you continue reading it gets interesting. There are so many deaths in the book some have a foreshadowing element it kinda makes … Continue reading

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End Of Mice and Men

I read this book before in High School and loved it but after so long i had forgotten what happens at the end so reading it again made me relive the first time i read it remembering as i went along even … Continue reading

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Domingo’s Introduction

Hello My name is Domingo and My major is Computer systems, I like meeting new people, so far the class seems great everyone interacts with each other, they seem friendly and interesting. I hope the class continues to go the way its … Continue reading

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