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Essay 1

What is expected in this essay? In your essay, you should take a perspective on something we have read, and demonstrate its validity. In general, you state an opinion on the topic–a thesis–and provide supporting evidence for why it is … Continue reading

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2/3 + 3/3 = End Of Mice and Men

Here I am at the ending. My questions have been answered and my worst fears confirmed yet I don’t feel any remorse for Lennie. Am I evil? Maybe. Lennie seemed doomed from the start and George appeared powerless to stop … Continue reading

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Spoiler-less Sherlock and Pearly-shit

First, on formality: everything I say is opinion – not fact. If it were otherwise, I imagine I’d be head of my own church by now. Or possibly a cult. That said, Morrison’s Sula was an engaging piece of literature. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Of Mice and Men” + Historical Background

I’ve read majority of the book so far, somewhere in the 70’s-80’s I left off. If your not around there I suggest not reading my post any  further. (*spoilers*) Anyway books awesome so far, I guess for me, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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1/3 Of Mice and Men

I’m no stranger to Steinbeck having read  The Pearl and Grapes of Wrath. With my own brand of confidence I felt like I knew what to expect until I read Mcitowicki’s post and the ending was revealed. Now, I’m in … Continue reading

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of stein and beck

I had some lingering dislike of Steinbeck in general (and Of Mice and Men in particular) in the back of my mind, but couldn’t quite remember why… Well, now I can: it’s the !@#$% ambivalence. On the one hand, I … Continue reading

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Reaction To Desiree’s Baby

overall the story was very good. The theme of this story is very much lived today. race and racism are two very controversial issues that effect everyone. in the story Armand is portrayed  confident and superior to all the slaves … Continue reading

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jessica’s Intro

Hello my name is Jessica. My major is liberal Arts and Science. So far the only thing that grabs my attention when reading is the newspaper. I would often read magazines but that’s mainly because I’m in a waiting room and there’s … Continue reading

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Pictures from the Depression

I found these rare and breathtaking color pictures from the Great Depression. They really help me visualize the world Steinbeck portrayed.

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Some history for Of Mice and Men

The Migrant Experience, prepared by Robin A. Fanslow at the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress We’re going to go over this material in class together on Sept 12. (You are not required to read it in advance.) Wondering what … Continue reading

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