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I feel for Brian

Just finished reading Passing and I know the underlying theme was supposed to be racial identity, but – I gotta say – I felt the title had more to do with Irene and her passing for a righteous woman than … Continue reading

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Spoiler-less Sherlock and Pearly-shit

First, on formality: everything I say is opinion – not fact. If it were otherwise, I imagine I’d be head of my own church by now. Or possibly a cult. That said, Morrison’s Sula was an engaging piece of literature. … Continue reading

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of stein and beck

I had some lingering dislike of Steinbeck in general (and Of Mice and Men in particular) in the back of my mind, but couldn’t quite remember why… Well, now I can: it’s the !@#$% ambivalence. On the one hand, I … Continue reading

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sweet, sweet relief

Now this is more like it: easy to follow plot, delightful twist in an otherwise somber story and a happy ending (which I’m fond of). I’ve never read anything by Kate Chopin before but now, having had sampled her pacing … Continue reading

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Ode to Prolixity

I have this recurring nightmare about waking up in the middle ages and trying to justify my existence (atheism and all) to the <sarcasm> greatest </sarcasm> minds of the time that reading Chaucer reminded me of with startling clarity. On … Continue reading

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Matt’s Introduction

Hi. My name is Maciej (or Matt). I like to do this; I earn my keep with that; and I haven´t been this excited about getting up early in a while.

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